Wednesday, November 3, 2010

If I could can a memory

I was cuddling with Matthew this evening after stories , which he read to me, (he's getting so big so fast).  He likes to lift up his jammie shirt and put his Thomas blanket directly onto his tummy.  He asks for his blanket while lifting up his jammie shirt and I lay the blanket on his tummy.  Then he tells me that I need to have some blanket too.  I tell him "Thank you, Matthew.  You take such good care of me."

He replies " I have to take care of you Mommy.  I don't want a T-Rex to eat you." Meanwhile he has his still slightly chubby arms wrapped tightly around my neck and he has his pudgy face squished up against my face, a position that he has liked since he was an infant.  I do my good -Mommy- job and I remind him that there aren't any T-Rexes anymore and that we are safe.  All the while wishing there was some way I could can this moment like you could applesauce, so that I could open it up when he is refusing to even talk to me at 15. 

Monday, November 1, 2010

50 Fillings

One of Matthew's favorite books is "The Tooth Book" by Dr. Seuss.  One of the characters in the book is Billy Billings.  The only passage about Billy Billings is "Don't gobble junk like Billy Billings.  They say his teeth have fifty filling!!" Those 13 words have made quite an impression on Matthew for some reason.  In his mind "50 fillings" is a very bad boy. 

When he is trying to figure out if something is OK, he will ask me "does 50 fillings do this?"  It started out making sense why he would ask.  He'd ask "does 50 fillings eat cookies?" and I would explain that 50 fillings ate lots of junk food, and yes cookies are junk food.  Well this line of thought is out of control now. Matthew will ask "does 50 fillings take naps, use the potty, take baths, clean up his room...." any thing that Matthew knows he SHOULD do, but doesn't enjoy doing.

I love his innocence.