Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Matthew preparing to be a big brother

      Matthew is very interested in everything that the baby is going to do when he/she is born.  We talk a lot about what the baby will be able to do and what the baby won't be able to do.  A friend let us borrow a baby doll so Matthew can practice.  The first night home with the practice baby Matthew insisted that the baby needed a place to sleep.  He did not want it sleeping with him but wanted it in a crib.  That progressed to the baby needed a blanket and then the baby needed "night night" music. He really understood the concept of practicing apparently. 
      Matthew loves driving over speed bumps.  Whenever we go to someone's house that lives in a neighborhood that has speed bumps he counts the number of the "bumpies" so he can count them on the way out of the neighborhood.  I tell him how the baby is sometimes awake and is sometimes asleep.  The last time we went over "bumpies"he said "Mommy we can't go over "bumpies" we will wake up my baby."
     Matthew sometimes asks if the baby is kicking me.  One day I answer him that the baby is sleeping and he said " I will go get my music so baby can hear some night night music."  He played a few songs and then ask if the baby was awake yet.  When I told him the baby was still asleep he said "Ok well it's time to wake up" and he started to play "wake up" music.  I love his sweet tender little heart!!!  I also love his desire to figure everything out.


  1. Mattie is such a sweetheart! He is going to make an awesome big brother.

  2. Welcome to blogging! So much fun :)

    And I agree with the first comment- Your Mattie is definitely sweet.

  3. He is so funny. I love it when Alexis says things that are unexpected but are sooo true :)